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High School Programs


Hip Hop is a popular dance style, also known as street dancing associated with hip-hop music. Hip-hop dance benefits students by providing a means of personal expression, emotional release and cardiovascular workout.

Instructors are dance team choreographers, University dance team alumni, UCA cheerleaders and certified personal trainers.


The goal-setting characteristics build self-esteem and develop confidence to overcome academic obstacles. This is a traditional martial arts leadership course leading to the achievement of a Black Belt and includes opportunities for local, national and world competitions.

Instructors are World Champions Title Holders, Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductees, Credentialed Teachers and Martial Arts Club Owners.


Students learn to build the confidence to defend themselves and others with practical self-defense techniques. Instructors are certified Krav Maga instructors, Crisis Prevention and Intervention Instructors and certified personal trainers.

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This course is designed to teach female students practical self-defense techniques and show them how to empower themselves. Includes team-building and character development.

Instructors are certified Krav Maga instructors, credentialed teachers, Crisis Prevention and Intervention Instructors and certified personal trainers.

Star Course

Provides a rotating schedule of a mix of athletic activities emphasizing leadership, character building and increasing self-esteem.

Includes rock climbing, urban transport (skatepark), BMX, intramurals, trampolines, bouncies, etc.


Students are trained with the primary goal of injury prevention and sports improvement. An evaluation process identifies imbalances, compensations or weakness that may predispose the athlete to injury or impede performance in his or her sport. Students perform specific exercises as part of their training program to help prevent common injuries such as ACL injuries, ankle sprains, shoulder dislocations, rotator cuff injuries and low back pain.

Personal Training Certification is available with this course. Instructors are licensed physical therapists, certified strength and conditioning specialists and certified athletic trainers.

Urban Transport

Modular skate park includes ramps, rails and grind boxes that can be reconfigured into multiple courses and degrees of difficulty. Caters to the needs and ability levels of students.

Includes skateboard design, local laws and city codes, knowledge of bike transportation and local skate and bike park information. KidFit USA carries skatepark specific insurance.


Off-campus adventure! Consists of three Saturdays and provides professional instruction with state of the art equipment on a private lake near Lake Elsinore, CA.

Includes transportation, lunch, equipment rentals, wakeboarding lessons.


Off-campus adventure! Consists of three Saturday trips to Big Bear with professional instruction staff. Includes transportation, rentals, lunch and lessons. (Seasonal)


Students are given the opportunity to learn haircutting techniques, manicure/ pedicures, up-dos, make-up, styling and spa services. This course is broken into two semesters with three sessions per semester.

Instructors are licensed cosmetologists.


This course is broken into three segments. Each segment centers around a specific cultural or ethnic theme. Includes health and safety regulations, food preparation, nutritional guidelines, and eating etiquette.


Urban Art, Murals, Chalk Art, Cartooning

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High School Programs